da Mercoledì, 26 Aprile 2017 a Venerdì, 28 Aprile 2017

How does the brain recognize people by their face?

Lectures of Bruno Rossion (see attachment). He has authored more than 170 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals on the topic of face recognition, using a diversity of approaches: behavioral measures (psychophysics), human electrophysiology (ERPs, EEG), neuroimaging (PET, fMRI), eye movements, single-case studies of brain-damage patients (prosopagnosia), behavioral and EEG studies of infants and children, and human intracerebral recordings and electrical stimulations (http://face-categorization-lab.webnode.com//). This work has had considerable impact in the field and beyond, being cited more than 14.000 times (Scholar, H index = 65), and presented at numerous international conferences, workshops and internal seminars. The contribution of his research in the field and in cognitive neuroscience in general is widely acknowledged, as he was awarded the Fifth Samuel Sutton Award for Early Distinguished Scientific Contribution to Human ERPs and Cognition in 2004.


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